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Ruben Gallego
The photoreport on a congratulation on Day of the Victory of veterans Borisoglebsky`s the Yaroslavl area on May, 9th, 2007 and transfer of medical equipment for medical assistant's items of a countryside. (09.05.2007)

Parade is appointed on 10-30, and here appear Murziky, and allow to unload the medical equipment and gifts to veterans

In the foreground gifts for veterans boxes with sweets, hardly further vodka, teapots and irons, more to the left - greater boxes with the medical equipment

Nikolay Sabinin, Aleksey, Andrey Zaharov and Vladimir unload the medical equipment.

In greater washstands and sterilizers. Sets of bed-clothes from above lay.

The uncle Kolya Sabinin one of the most worthy people in command Murzik.Ru! Participates since 2001. It the person of the big soul and nobleness.

All have unloaded, veterans here were tightened, I it have told, that all brought for them.

I specially some times duplicated this the staff from different foreshortenings that members of command Murzik.Ru were visible also, both veterans, and brought by us.

Here the photoreport that it was visible also should be such and it is clear without doubts that is made and for whom. On the right sinks for washstands, medical assistant's bags and other are visible even.

Murzik.Ru on a vest as a press on a waybill. All medical equipment has transferred officially on documents to the head physician Regional hospital.

Hardly we had time to finish with unloading and photos as parade has begun.

I in Borisoglebsk already 3-rd time at date of the Victory, but still here did not see such parade.

The local administration has arranged parade with military technics, and other attributes, and here we have distributed Georges tapes which in it to year have ordered the.

After parade all have proceeded on meeting where to me as it is usual, have asked a to speak, that I did made. Has forced all to shout hurrah.

After meeting all command has gone to the of Veteran`s House where we have started to sort gifts, and to prepare for all to carry on villages Borisoglebsk of area.

Nikolay Sabinin, Natalya, Andrey Zaharov (from back) and others display vodka, sweets, and other gifts for veterans on packages.

Sir Andrey Zakharov (in the center, in the foreground) has gone to congratulate veterans, despite of cold. Too for a long time in a command (since 2002), both very sane and kind person. The present gentleman, I would tell. Such now a rarity.

Natalya in the heat of work. Such girls are an ornament of command Murzik.Ru.

Having prepared we have distributed gifts, a part to those veterans who are still capable to move independently.

Such veterans have gathered in the regional House of Veterans where for them the celebratory feast has been organized.

As a gift each veteran has received sweets, vodka, the complete set of bed-clothes, and irons-teapots.

Money for gifts (on 130 veterans), by the way, has given Andrey Zaharov.

Having finished in the center, we have started to carry gifts on houses. Here one of houses, above a door an inscription: Here there lives the veteran of war. Estimate a condition of dwelling.

Here itself grandmother - the veteran, the participant of real operations. I did not begin to remove all house, but can believe, it has rotted through all.

We have gone further, continuing to distribute gifts.

All Murzik`s I have distributed all in directions, having given out corresponding number of gifts, and they with representatives of local administration carried them on villages.

It was necessary to drive on area up to 40 km from centre of area.

In total we have distributed about 110 gifts, and in the past to year was 130 alas

Local active workers went to this day on veteran`s houses, and sang it songs with children. If was more than such initiatives, we had not to go for 300 km.

Blind and deaf we have given the grandfather last gift.
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