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Ruben Gallego
The photoreport on a trip to children's homes for orphans-invalids of the Tula area on May, 19th, 2007. (19.05.2007)

We have left early as usually, and in the Golovenky were nearby 9`th hours. The lorry already was on a place.

Have started to unload.

Cargo – the various medical equipment – borrowed half of van.

Unloading was carried out by those from pupils to whom the state of health allows to do it.

And such of 120 person is a little. All children in this boarding school – invalids.

Medical equipment which we have bought and have brought are functional beds, mattresses, quartz lamps, and other.

Beds and mattresses are intended for lying children.

Lying children are children who never rise. Many from a birth do not have hands and legs, there are also other congenital infringements.

To photograph in this children's home of lying children I specially did not become is too heavy show.

From 120 children in this boarding school nearby 30`th – lying. Still nearby 20`th - blind, blind and deaf-and-dumb.

Some people in our command ask to me a question: ซAnd what sense to help these children if they from a birth such, and anything to change it is impossible?!ป I answer. The sense any is not present. And what sense in work of the doctor if all we all shall equally die?

Functional beds and mattresses which we have brought are that little, that we can make for lying children-invalids, which besides also orphans.

And the senior children who unloaded brought by us – they too invalids, but, basically, owing to backlog in intellectual development.

Backlog is such degree, that they on the whole are not trained (unlike pupils of boarding schools for children of VIII-th kind of system The Ministry of Education).

Nevertheless, they always try to help.

And the some people – those who is able to talk - are sociable enough.

If such children to reveal earlier, to withdraw from parents – alcoholics, and to be engaged in their intellectual development, socially-psychological, household and labour adaptation very much of them can be helped.

Let not everything, but at least, these children could be socialized – if to begin with the birth!

At least, they could work as loaders.

And loaders now everywhere are required.

It is natural, on such brigade of loaders it is necessary to put the foreman with pedagogical formation.

And, undoubtedly to carry out the control – by means of the public and charitable organizations. And everyone would be at affairs – both children, and adults.

And today the system of the further employment of such children does not work.

And these children simply on achievement 18`th years forward to houses for aged or houses-boarding schools for adult invalids.

And the government of the Russian Federation thus speaks, that we do not have not enough hands, and are necessary workers.

And in Moscow already even electricians in ours Housing-operational offices – Tadjiks, who in Russian hardly talk.

And our children – yes that there mentally retarded – even absolutely normal – are necessary to nobody.

Unloading of such volume costs roubles 400-500, and even it is more. I.e. to support itself those from pupils who is capable to perform physical work, quite could.

Thanks everyone who has made possible the help to such made destitute children!

After the house of orphans-invalids in Golovenky we have arrived in Odoevsky the house for orphans-invalids is 270 km from Moscow.

Unique problem was architectural inspection and gaugings.

Gaugings were made by architect Ilya who has suggested to make the project free of charge.

We wish to make a verandah of 2-nd floor of this entrance group.

It is necessary that lying children could see for the first time in a life the sky.

In Odoevsky`s children's home of 24 lying orphans which live in chambers on 2-nd floor. We shall make a verandah and we shall punch an output at a level roof.

For this purpose this entrance group should be taken down, and to make anew, but with the big verandah at a level of 2-nd floor.

Verandah should be the big area, and very strong design since children will take out in functional beds. I.e. the weight will be decent.

The roof which above this input – it already emergency, also keeps on props.

Building of children's home of years 50, and it strong enough since brick, and here roof – from ferro-concrete, also it is visible to the naked eye, that it is destroyed.

Therefore the roof costs on props.

We shall kill two hares: and entrance group it is reconstructed, and a verandah for lying orphans-invalids we shall construct.

Verandah will go to this party.

Architect Ilya has already made the project, and even the estimate is counted up.

Here from this window the output on a verandah, wide enough that it was possible to roll out a bed will be punched.

Beds here such (it is better to impressionable people to not look).

Some of these children for the 12-15 years, but they look on 6-7.

Some people are capable to stand, keeping for sides, but cannot go. At the majority absence or infringement of formation finitenesses. Such children of 2 chambers on 12 person. By the way, these beds are bought too by us, earlier here were wooden, absolutely not adapted. I still did not hang out

These photos, and now I do it only that it was clear, for what this verandah is necessary, and to a bed. I ask to excuse, if someone injured. And still time of thanks that who does possible though somehow to help.

Here so the verandah on which we shall take out these children will look.

A kind of a verandah in the project.
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