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Ruben Gallego
Fotoreport about arrival of children-orphans and graduates of children's homes of Rybinsk and Emmauss at Date of independence of Russia on June, 11th and 12, 2007. (12.06.2007)

Gathering of gifts for graduates (teapots and irons) at Novodevich`ego Monastery.

We go with children to the Historical Museum.

Murziki on the Manegnaya Square

Greetings to all greater Murzikam from small.

The end of the first day of stay in Moscow in hotel many the first time in a life.

To visit Moscow we gave an opportunity first of all to graduates

The beginning of the second day in Moscow gathering near the Borodino panorama.

We go on Poklonnuyu mountain.

Our children on Poklonnoi mountain.

All greetings from Murzikov.

General gathering at top of Poklonnoj mountain.

Who wanted admired fountains.

And we have gone to look military technics with boys.

It was abruptly, it is a pity, not for long, necessary to go for a dinner.

At restaurant for us already waited.

Salads have quickly disappeared from plates.

Absence of appetite our children do not suffer.

Little girls were glad not only meal, but also laying.

And boys did not distract on a trifle, continuing to eat the meal always cheers up when still will get in such restaurant?

Present for real Murzik.

And still something will give?

Here hot!


German, and you when will eat, if all time photograph?

Feeding Murzikov.

And what there is such?

What still and a dessert will give, yes?!

Guys, I know, that I shall regret then about it, but I overeat, and cannot any more!

Well if someone does not want speak, I shall not refuse!

Us almost 80 person, and we have borrowed all ground floor.

And a dessert of anything!

And someone spoke, what cannot any more?!!

h! The clown with it, with a figure!!!

Girls, can, additives?

Now, now, we shall have a rest, and we shall continue!

As, and it too to us? Fruit Salad!

Owner of restaurant Sergey who has kindly accepted such greater group (free of charge!!!) has thought over the menu children were in delight.

And the feast proceeded.

Most proof fighters continued to work the jaw.

And little girls cakes hypnotized.

What Murzik will refuse fruit salad?

Dessert forever!

Guys! I also am I can not any more, and leave from a table I can not! At somebody is saucepan, and?!!

And I hurry up I shall not be! Who long chews, that long lives!

After a nourishing dinner we have arrived to Novodevich`emu Monastery.

Near Novodevich`ego those who has responded to our offer to congratulate graduates of children's homes, handed over gifts directly in hands to children.

On the occasion of long days off, and good weather of people was a little.

But at us was a good stock of teapots and the irons presented by our adherents.

So I quickly have continued distribution.

In the Murland nobody remains without gifts.

Our wards have already got used to use home appliances in children's home, and now can continue it in a hostel.

It is congratulated all graduates!!!

But in fact have on a visit arrived not only graduates!

For the others at us too gifts are!

Some more teapots and irons for children's home.

And for those who could not arrive (hands over entrance examinations).

Owner of restaurant in whom children had dinner, has given also money for gifts. We have bought essential: socks, T-shorts, linen.

After distribution of gifts we have arrived to the Red Square.

We entered there the first, having passed through some militian cordons.

It was around empty even birdies it was not visible.

Column has turned out at us long.

Near Vasily Blazhennogo's temple we have started to sing a hymn as it and was planned.

But to finish singing the Hymn of Russia to us militiamen have not given, have told, it is not necessary, and we have gone there is an ice-cream.

On the Red Square nobody was, only cops from a cordon, and was very heat.

And we have decided to leave, have not overheated yet, in Alexandrovskiy`s garden.

There the little table has been ordered in us on 80 persons. A joke, hamburgers on carrying out.

It was necessary to wait such quantity of hamburgers.

After ice-cream the mood was up to standard. We have borrowed a platform near to gate of a garden, and walked in the company.

And the some people actively communicated with muscovites.

Most vigorous, despite of a heat, distributed tapes and booklets.

Murland`s landing.

Guess, what asks people? Certainly, who such Murziks.

Here too was heat, and people tired to wait for meal from McDonald's.

At last that I go have brought, and our children have eaten and have satisfied thirst.

When everyone have been fed, time for a concert, back on the Red Square has come (20-00) to go.

We some times recalculated ours Murziks to lose in crowd.

On the Red Square it was full to people, and to a stage was to not make the way any more.

All waited salute which never saw.

Serega Dunaevsky too the singer, moreover what! Talent!

Not all was visible, was audible even too!

Certainly, it is so much time for legs is tiresomely.

Murzik.Ru forever!!!

Murland`s design.

Concert proceeds.

It is a pity, that is far, and it is not visible executors!

Concert was a little tightened.

And the some people have not sustained.

All with impatience waited for salute.

And salute all did not begin

Fineest in general it was visible nothing.

And here graduates saw all.

Little girls from Rybinsk`s children house 1 managed to echo.

...and to dance!

And seniors have planted the fineest on shoulders.

And it was be cool!

If not these flags which closed a stage!

Following times it is necessary to bring 500 children with flags then all country instead of a concert will look at trade mark Murzik.Ru.

Despite of everything, children were glad. In fact such events in their life so are rare!

At last that to us have allowed to sing a hymn!

Russia is great our power!

After a hymn salute!

Now that's something like it!

Salute on the Red Square children saw first time in a life.

Children waited for the next volley having concealed breath.

When and where they can see it?!

Thanks everyone who has made it possible! Separate thanks of Administration of the President for invitation cards.

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