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Ruben Gallego

The history of any phenomenon can be begun with the end, and it is possible to begin with how the grandfather of the main hero has got acquainted with the grandmother. As the history of our team and our project began from me, though it and is immodest, and roots of the project go from my tender age.

All in us comes from the childhood. I have undertaken the first "charitable" act at five years' age, having given a beggar some money, that my grandmother had given to me, for what on the spot has received from her a scolding. Further the desire to help the pauper ones was poured out in already intelligent decision become the surgeon, accepted in eleven-year age. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that this decision also was realized with the graduating from the institute in 1989, the big changes that started in the country have not given an opportunity to realize myself on this field.  Free-of-charge medicine in which I went initially became extremely inconvenient. And I had to forget about other kinds of charities for the next five years.

Thus somewhere in the beginning of the 90-th the idea to arrange a small New Year-holiday for children who live in childrens home came to me. Some years this idea safely stayed in the gentle status of "dream". Until it came time for the "hour X ". The paradox was, that this hour this has come at the moment of financial crisis of 1998 when the whole country thought about everything but charity. People with good memory easily can revive in it crowds near banks, turns in the food markets, expectation of civil war, general sensation of full uncertainty in the near future. Absolutely clear, that nobody cared about the abandoned children at that moment. Everybody had his own problems. Including me.

So, dealing with these problems, I have arrived in the city of Rybinsk (the Yaroslavl area). The city, very lovely and quiet, has seemed very poor. Two facts especially were evident: low (simply ridiculous) prices in a public catering (result of absence of solvent demand) and an abundance of the destroyed and delapidated buildings in the city centre (the same history). Problems in Rybinsk were and before crisis. It has only aggravated them. Short reflections have resulted in the idea, that all this - result of militarization of the city industry in the Soviet period. Disorder in military industry has resulted in a financial inconsistency of the city budget. Actually, I have understood it is that place where help is needed. During crisis it was bad on all Russia, but in Rybinsk was worst of all (from those places, which I knew naturally).


To this time I completely understood the following:


  1. I shall not realize the desire to help through any welfare funds. All necessary I shall buy personally and to give personally to hands.
  2. Most likely, New Year's gifts, toys and sweets, and more essential things will be bought, but not clothes and footwear.
  3. I shall inform nobody about it, making the exception for the friend and the colleague, Dr. Aleks, whose help is necessary for me, and who, naturally, will keep everything in a secret (even his own wife was not informed).


Everything went on according to the plan, except for one thing: Dr. Aleks has written about the first trip to the childrens home in the Internet, on a site (virtual autoclub). To tell the truth, he has not specified names, but it has not helped. A little bit later persevering motorists have reached me.



It was, certainly, not the very first trip to Rybinsk in general, somewhere near the fifth or the sixth. But before I went to Rybinsk on the affairs, once Ive taken Dr. Aleks with me...
WHAT WAS FARTHER   (04.06.2004)
And farther was the following. Doctor Aleks, in spite of the fact that I asked to tell nobody about this trip (I even was not going to speak with my own wife) was impressed with all seen, and has written about it in the Internet, on a site, wh
THREE DESIRES   (04.06.2004)
After the three first visits to 72-nd childrens home of Rybinsk we satisfied some base needs of children, and I had a desire to make something special, that could be remembered by children for a long time...
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